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· Harold Lauder: “Don’t mess with my disco!” (terwijl hij luistert naar “Boogie Fever” van the Sylvers)

· Harold Lauder: “Make like a library, and book.”

· Tom Cullen:  “M-O-O-N… That spells moon.”

· IJlende man die Stu’s been vastpakt: “Come down and eat chicken with me, beautiful. It’s so dark!”

· The Rat Man: “The Rat Man forgive you, this time!”

· Mother Abigail: “You come see me , Nick. You and all yo’ friends.”

· Mother Abigail: “Its time to make yo’ Stand!”

· Mother Abigail: “Come to me in a dream I reckon.”

· Randall Flagg: “Pleased to meet you, Lloyd. Hope you guess my name.”
Lloyd Henreid: “What?”
Randall Flagg: “Just a classical reference.”

· Randall Flagg: “Truth tellers just sort of… hunker down.”

· Randall Flagg: denkend aan Trashcan Man: “When the time comes, put him down easy”

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