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Seizoen 1:

Aflevering 01: Pilot
Datum: 9 augustus 2017
Regisseur: Jack Bender

VERTALEN NOG It has been 2 years since a stolen Mercedes sedan intentionally drove into a large crowd of people killing 16 and injuring dozens more. Bill Hodges, the now retired police inspector who was in charge of the investigation, could never let go of the case or the killer who was never caught. Hodges begins to receive mysterious unsettling messages containing information never released to the public and decides to start his own unofficial investigation.

Aflevering 02: On your mark
Datum: 16 augustus 2017
Regisseur: Jack Bender

VERTALEN NOG Hodges begins a game of cat-and-mouse with the Mercedes killer, roping in Jerome and Janey to assist him; meanwhile, Brady experiences some hardships at work.


Aflevering 03: Cloudy, with a chance of mayhem
Datum: 23 augustus 2017
Regisseur: John David Coles

VERTALEN NOG Hodges and Janey dig deeper into the circumstances surrounding Olivia’s death. Hodges uses Debbie’s Blue Umbrella to turns the tables on Brady. Jerome’s father intervenes in his relationship with Hodges.


Aflevering 04: Gods who fall
Datum: 30 augustus 2017
Regisseur: Jack Bender

VERTALEN NOG Ida is hurt as Hodges and Janey’s relationship intensifies. Lou is disturbed by an interaction with a customer. Deborah takes Brady to the cemetery and the two reflect on their difficult past.


Aflevering 05: The suicide hour
Datum: 6 september 2017
Regisseur: Jack Bender

VERTALEN NOG The cat and mouse game between Hodges and Brady escalates. Hodges has an upsetting conversation with Janey’s mother. Deborah’s drinking almost causes an accident at the Hartsfield home.


Aflevering 06: People in the rain
Datum: 13 september 2017
Regisseur: Jack Bender

VERTALEN NOG Hodges struggles with the past as it concerns his daughter, Allie. As Deb attempts to make a change for the better, Brady interferes. Robi continues pressuring Brady to impress their bosses. Hodges connects with Janey’s niece, Holly.


Aflevering 07: Willow lake
Datum: 20 september 2017
Regisseur: Jack Bender

VERTALEN NOG As Hodges helps Janey through a difficult time, their connection deepens. Realizing he still needs their help, Hodges brings Jerome and Holly back into the investigation. Deborah confronts Brady with her concerns.


Aflevering 08: From the ashes
Datum: 27 september 2017
Regisseur: Laura Innes

VERTALEN NOG A critical error puts Brady in the center of a crisis of his own making. Holly and Jerome make a pivotal discovery. After a tragedy sends Hodges reeling, he goes to visit his daughter, Allie.


Aflevering 09: Ice cream, You scream, we all scream
Datum: 4 oktober 2017
Regisseur: Kevin Hookes

VERTALEN NOG Jerome and Holly tell Hodges their concerns about the Mercedes Killer. Tensions continue to escalate between Brady and Robi. As details about the investigation emerge, Hodges, Pete, and Izzy close in on their suspect.


Aflevering 10: Jibber-jibber chicken dinner
Datum: 11 oktober 2017
Regisseur: Jack Bender

VERTALEN NOG When another murder victim is discovered, suspicions about Brady are confirmed. As the police prepare for another massacre, Hodges fears for the safety of those he loves.



Seizoen 2:

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