galeri1Kasdan Tightened Dreamcatcher

thomasjaneThomas Jane–who plays Henry, a suicidal psychologist, in the upcoming SF film Dreamcatcher–told SCI FI Wire that writer/director Lawrence Kasdan has tightened or eliminated the loose ends from Stephen King’s novel. “Stephen King is getting very diaphanous in his approach to novels–a lot of loose ends, a lot of threads, a lot of wormholes that lead into nowhere–and the main thrust of the plot tends to get a little more spread out than a conventional film would,” Jane said in an interview. “The film streamlines the story, pares down all the unnecessary stuff, yet tries to squeeze in what’s original and great about the book.” Among other things, Kasdan co-wrote the screenplay for Star Wars: Episode V–The Empire Strikes Back.

Jane said that he felt that his character had more in common with other Kasdan films than with King’s other works. “Henry is a typical Larry Kasdan guy, the kind of guy that Larry Kasdan uses as his leading men,” Jane said. “Things happen to Larry Kasdan characters, like The Accidental Tourist or Body Heat. Things happen to the main character, and the main character’s main action is to negotiate everything that’s being thrown at him. That’s how Henry is in this film. He’s a normal guy who has his own set of personal problems. He’s suicidal, he has a slightly telepathic link with his other friends, and I think that he spends the movie negotiating all this amazing stuff that’s being thrown at him–aliens, his friends being possessed, taken over by aliens, and all this other stuff.”

Jane did read the book, but relied more on the script for his performance. “In this particular case, I read the book, and it was informative just with what kind of story we were trying to tell. But then I threw the book away and went with the script, went with Lawrence Kasdan’s vision of the kind of movie that he wants to make.” Dreamcatcher is currently in production.

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