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Een stuk uit het script van The Shawshank Redemption

(The screen still blank, we hear a song that we soon learn is playing on the Andy’s car radio).

SONG: “If I didn’t care, more then words can say, If I didn’t care, would I feel this way? If this isn’t love, then why do I thrill? And what makes my head go around and around…

(we see a house, we are looking at it through the gates)

SONG: …while my heart stands still. If I didn’t care, what it be the same? Would my every prayer begin and end with just your name…

(Andy is in his car with Whisky just sitting and starring at the house)

SONG:…And would I be sure that this is love beyond compare? Would all this be true if I didn’t care for you? If I didn’t care honey child, mo’ than words can say, if I didn’t care would I…

(We then go to Andy in a court room, as we hear an attorney say…)


(Off Screen) DISTRICT ATTORNEY: Mr. Dufresne, describe the confrontation you had with your wife the night she was murdered.

ANDY: It was very bitter. She said she was glad I knew, that she hated all the sneaking around. She said she wanted a divorce in Reno.

DISTRICT ATTORNEY: What was your response?

ANDY: I told her I would not grant one.

DISTRICT ATTORNEY: “I’ll see you in Hell before I see you in Reno.” Those were the words you used, Mr. Dufresne, according to the testimony of your neighbors.

ANDY: If they say so. I really don’t remember. I was upset.

DISTRICT ATTORNEY: What happened after you argued with your wife?

ANDY: She packed a bag… she packed a bag to go and stay with… Mr. Quentin.

(We cut to Quentin’s home. Glenn and Andy’s wife come in. She is giggling. He pushes her up against the back of the door and they start to kiss).

DISTRICT ATTORNEY: Glenn Quentin. The golf pro at the Snowed-in Hills Country Club. The man you had recently discovered was wives lover. Did you follow her?

ANDY: I went to a few bars first. Later, I drove to his house to confront them. They weren’t home… so I parked in the turnout… and… waited.

(We see Andy in his car, If I didn’t care is still playing on the radio. Andy is loading his gun).

DISTRICT ATTORNEY: With what intention?

ANDY: I’m not sure. I was confused. Drunk. I think mostly I wanted to scare them.

DISTRICT ATTORNEY: When they arrived, you went up to the house and murdered them.

ANDY: No. I was sobering up. I got back in the car and drove home to sleep it off. Along the way, I stopped and I threw my gun into the Royal River. I feel I’ve been very clear on this point.

DISTRICT ATTORNEY: Well where I get hazy is where the cleaning woman shows up the following morning and finds your wife, in bed with her lover riddled with .38 caliber bullets. Now does that strike you as a fantastic coincidence, Mr. Dufresne, or is it just me?

ANDY: Yes. It does.

DISTRICT ATTORNEY: Yet you still maintain you threw your gun into the river before the murders took place. That’s very convenient.

ANDY: (looking away) It’s the truth.

DISTRICT ATTORNEY: The police dragged that river for three days and nary a gun was found. So no comparison can be made between your gun and the bullets taken from the bloodstained corpses of the victims. And that also is very convenient, isn’t it, Mr. Dufresne?

ANDY: Since I am innocent of this crime, sir, I find it decidedly inconvenient that the gun was never found.

(We see another flashback of Andy in his car, If I didn’t care is still playing on the radio. Andy is holding his gun. He takes a drink of his Whiskey. Shuts the radio off. He steps outside, the bottle falls to the ground and brakes. Some bullets fall to the ground. He walks up to the gate of the home. We hear dogs barking in the background).

DISTRICT ATTORNEY: Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve heard all the evidence, you know all the facts. We have the accused at the scene of the crime. We have foot prints. Tire tracks. Bullets scattered on the ground which bear his fingerprints. A broken bourbon bottle, likewise with fingerprints. And most of all, we have a beautiful young woman and her lover lying dead in each other’s arms. They had sinned. But was their crime so great as to merit a death sentence?

Now while you think about that, think about this. A revolver holds six bullets, not eight. I submit to you this was not a hot-blooded crime of passion. That could at least be understood, if not condoned. No, this was revenge of a much more brutal and cold-blooded nature. Consider this! Four bullets per victim. Not six shots fired, but eight! That means he fired the gun empty… and then stopped to reload so he could shoot each of them again. An extra bullet per lover… right in the head.

JUDGE: You strike me as a particularly icy and remorseless man, Mr. Dufresne. It chills my blood just to look at you. By the power vested in me by the State of Maine, I hereby order you to serve two life sentences, back to back, one for each of your victims. So be it!

(He slams his gavel down and the screen goes black).


(A man enters that we later learn his name is RED. He takes off his hat and waits next to his chair).

PAROLE MAN: Sit. We see by your file you’ve served twenty years of a life sentence.

RED: Yes, sir.

PAROLE MAN: You feel you’ve been rehabilitated?

RED: Oh yes, sir. Absolutely, sir. I mean, I’ve learned my lesson. I can honestly say that I’m a changed man. No longer a danger to society. That’s the God’s honest truth.

(We see a big rubber stamp slams down: “REJECTED” in red ink.

The next thing we see is Red walk out into the court yard. He walks some stairs and walks over so some of his friend on a bench).

SNOOZE: Hey Red, how’d it go?

RED: Same ol’ shit. Different day.

SKEET: Yeah, I know how ya feel. I’m up for rejection next week.

SNOOZE: Yeah, I got rejected last week.

SKEET: It happens.

(All three of them start walking. Red in front).

ERNIE: Hey Red, smoke me a deck?

RED: Get the fuck out of my face, will ya man, you making me for five packs already.


RED: Five.

(Voice Over, or V.O.) RED: There must be a con like me in every prison in America, I guess. I’m the guy who can get it for you. Cigarettes, a bag of reefer if you’re thing, a bottle of brandy to celebrate your kid’s high school graduation. Damn near anything, within reason. Yes sir, I’m a regular Sears & Roebuck.

(Sirens go off from the main tower, drawing everybody’s attention to the loading dock).

(V.O.) RED: So when Andy Dufresne came to me in 1949 and asked me to smuggle Rita Hayworth into the prison for him, I told him no problem.

(A small white bus is driving towards Shawshank Prison. We get an awesome air view of the prison from the outside, and then from the inside. Everyone goes towards the gates that the bus well soon be entering through. We see on the bus, and in the very back, is Andy).

(V.O.) RED: Andy came to Shawshank Prison in early 1947 for murdering his wife and the fella she was bangin’. On the outside, he’d been vice-president of a large Portland bank. Good work for a man as young as he was.

 (Red smiles and points to someone off screen, we later see that it is Floyd. He is standing on a small ledge along side a wall looking at the fence that all the other inmates are around yelling and screaming at the “New Fish,” that is the group of new inmates coming to Shawshank. Red jumps up on the leadge with Haywood).

FLOYD: Hey Red

(Red is joined by SKEET, HAYWOOD, JIGGER, ERNIE, SNOOZE. Most cons crowd to the fence to gawk and jeer, but Red and his group relax again the wall in the shad..

The gates open and the bus comes in, guys are yelling and whistling

The bus stops one armed guard steps out, followed by all the “New Fish,” they are chained together. The head guard, Bryon Hadley grabs the first man and says…)

HADLEY: You speak English, putsake? (the new fish nods yes) You follow this officer (pointing to an off screen guard. The new inmates walk single-file, blinking sourly at their surroundings. Andy walks slowly looking forward).

HEYWOOD: Never seen such a sorry-lookin’ heap of maggot shit in my life.

FLOYD: Takin’ bets today, Red?

RED: (pulls notepad and pencil) Smokes or coin, bettor’s choice.

FLOYD: Smokes. Put me down for two.

RED: Alright, who’s your horse?

FLOYD: That little sack of shit, eighth, eighth from the front. He’ll be the first.

HEYWOOD: Oh, bullshit. I’ll take that action.

ERNIE: Yeah, me too.

(Other hands go up. Red jots the names).

HEYWOOD: You’re out some smokes, son let me tall ya.

FLOYD: Well, Heywood, you’re so smart, you call it.

HEYWOOD: I say that chubby fat-ass… fifth from the front. Put me down for a quarter deck.

(We now see the man Haywood is talking about).

(V.O.) RED: I must admit I didn’t think much of Andy first time I laid eyes on him. Looked like a stiff breeze would blow him over. That was my first impression of the man.

SKEET: What say, Red?

RED: The tall drink of water with the silver spoon up his ass.

SKEET: That guy? Never happen.

RED: Ten cigarettes.

SNOOZE: That’s a rich bet.

RED: Alright, who’s gonna prove me wrong? (hands go up) Haywood. Jigger. Skeet. Floyd. Four brave souls.

OVER LOUD SPEAKER: (amplified) Go back to your cellblocks for evening count. All prisoners return to your cellblocks.


(The new fish are marched in. Eyes straight ahead).

HADLEY: Turn to the right. Eyes front.

(WARDEN SAMUEL NORTON strolls forth, a colorless man in a gray suit and a church pin in his lapel).

NORTON: This is Mr. Hadley, he’s captain of the guard. I’m Mr. Norton, the warden. You are convicted fallens that’s why they sent you to me. Rule number one: no blaspheming. I’ll not have the Lord’s name taken in vain in my prison. The other rules you’ll figure out as you go along. Any questions?
CON: When do we eat?

(Cued by Norton’s glance, Hadley steps up to the con and screams right in his face…)


(Hadley rams the tip of his club into the con’s belly. The man falls to his knees, gasping and clutching himself. Hadley takes his place at Norton’s side again).

HADLEY: On your feet.

NORTON: I believe in two things. Discipline and the Bible (Holds up a Bible). Here, you’ll receive both. Put your trust in the Lord. Your ass belongs to me. Welcome to Shawshank.

HADLEY: Un-hook ‘um.

(We see Andy in a cage naked, and water from what looks like a firemens hose is spaying him).

HADLEY: Turn around.

(Andy tunes and the water hits from from the back).

HADLEY: That’s enough. Move to the end of the cage. Turn around. Delouse them.

(Andy gets hit with the delouse powder in the back).

HADLEY: Turn around.

(Andy gets hit with the delouse powder from the front now).

HADLEY: Move out of the cage, go to your left and pick up your clothes and Bible. Next man up.


(Three tiers to a side, concrete and steel, gray and imposing. Andy and the others are marched in, naked, carrying their clothes and Bibles. The CONS in their cells greet them with TAUNTS, JEERS, and LAUGHTER. One by one, the new men are shown to their cells and locked in with a CLANG OF STEEL).

(V.O.) RED: The first night’s the toughest, no doubt about it. They march you in naked as the day you’re born, skin burning and half-blind from that delousing shit they throw on you and when they put you in that cell, when those bars slam home, that’s when you know it’s for real. Old life blown away in the blink of an eye… nothing left but all the time in the world to think about it. Most new fish come close to madness the first night. Somebody always breaks down crying. Happens every time. The only question is, who’s it gonna be?

(And walks in his cell, his new home for 50 some odd years. He just stands there for a second. Then he puts his Bible and clothes down and then goes over to his little sink and washes his face off).

(V.O.) RED: It’s as good a thing to bet on as any, I guess. I had my money on Andy Dufresne…

(We see an outside shot of Shawshank, then the inside where a guard yells).

GUARD: Lights out!

(Lights go off. We see Red laying in bed awake. The guards leave).

(V.O.) RED: I remember my first night. Seems like a long time ago.

VARIOUS VOICES (O.S.) Fishee, fishee, fisheeee… A whooole lot…Make you wish your daddies never dicked your mommies…You takin’ this down, new fish? Gonna be a quiz later. (somebody LAUGHS) Sshhh. Keep it down. The screws’ll hear…Fishee fishee fisheeee…

(V.O.) RED: The boys always go fishin’ with first-timers… and they don’t quit till they reel someone in.

(Haywood is leaning up against the cell).HEYWOOD: Hey Fat Ass, Fat Ass! Talk to me, boy. I know you’re there. I can hear you breathin’. Now don’t you listen to these nitwits, you hear me?

(Fat ass’ is in his cell crying).

HEYWOOD: This place ain’t so bad, tell ya what. I’ll introduce you around, make you feel right at home. I know couple big ol’ bull queers who’d love to make your acquaintance. especially that big white mushy butt of yours…



(The place goes nuts. Fat-Ass throws himself screaming against the bars. The entire block starts CHANTING:

VOICES: Fresh fish… fresh fish… fresh fish… fresh fish… fresh fish… fresh fish… fresh fish… fresh fish…


(O.S.) VOICE: I had your mother! She wasn’t that great!

(Some lights go on. GUARDS pour in, led by Hadley).

HADLEY: What the ch-ist is this happy shit?

(V.O.) VOICE: He took the Lord’s name in vain! I’m tellin’ the warden!

HADLEY: You’ll be tellin’ him with my baton up your ass!

(Hadley arrives at Fat-Ass’ cell, bellowing through the bars:)

HADLEY: What’s your malfunction you fat fuckin’ barrel of monkey-spunk?


HADLEY: I ain’t gonna count to three! Not even to one! Now shut the fuck up ‘fore I sing you a lullaby!

Fat-Ass keeps blubbering and wailing. Total freak-out.

HEYWOOD: (whispering) Shut up man, shut up…


HADLEY: Open that cell!

(V.O.) VOICE: Me neither, you guys run this place like a fucken prison!

HADLEY: Son of a bitch…

(Hadley draws his baton, gestures to his men. A GUARD unlocks the cell. Hadley pulls Fat-Ass out and starts beating him with the baton, brutally raining blows. Fat-Ass falls, tries to crawl. The place goes dead silent. All we hear now is the dull THWACK-THWACK-THWACK of the baton. Fat-ass passes out. Hadley gets in a few more licks and finally stops).

HADLEY: If I hear so much as a mouse fart in here the rest of the night, I swear by g-d and sonny j-sus, you’ll all visit the infirmary. Every last motherfucker here. Call the trusties, get this tub of shit down to the infirmary.

RED: His first night in the joint, Andy Dufresne cost me two packs of cigarettes. He never made a sound…


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